It’s a well-known fact that businesses with an inviting look and landscape tend to attract more customers. Have you thought about making changes to the external area of your company’s property? Giving your business a makeover can be a daunting task, but starting with bushes, a new lawn and trees can have a major effect in making your business appear more professional and welcoming.

If you’re looking to liven up your business’s lawn but aren’t sure where to start, contact TLC Total Lawn Care today and let our lawn professionals make your commercial property sharp and approachable.  

Layout Ready

It’s too often that business owners neglect the exterior appearance of their company. Planting or laying out turf is only a start, but to really make your commercial property stand out, having a plan and design can truly make your business stand out above the competition.

Knowing which trees to plant, flowers to grow and irrigation system to use are vital in many ways. Keeping water costs down is also important, and avoiding any unnecessary resources or expenses is a smart way of avoiding debt. Plus, having a lawn expert guide you in having the most aesthetically pleasing look can be comforting.

Avoid the Pitfalls

When remodeling your commercial property, look at the problems that made you decide why a change was needed. Do you have a weed problem? Does the yard get enough water? Would a rock or concrete path be a good idea to avoid trampling the lawn? Take these questions into consideration for your new layout. Taking the time to properly decide how your commercial lawn will look can be the difference in an average commercial lawn and a superb one.

Build an Entrance

Commercial landscaping makes a major difference in the look of a business’ entryway. Welcoming customers should be the goal for your company’s lawn. Drawing eyes is easier with a splash of bright colors. An array of Texas wildflowers or yellow roses can become that identity you’re looking for if they’re positioned strategically. Keep in mind the times of year when flowers are at their peak to really take advantage of their potential.

Go Vertical

While taking care of everything on the ground, don’t neglect your landscape’s other features, too. Adding trees can become a focal point for your lawn and can set the theme. For example, if you were to choose palm trees, people would associate that with providing a relaxed, tropical atmosphere. Also, pay attention to a tree’s matured size. Make sure to plant them in a place that won’t hinder their growth. Plus, trees can live for long periods of time, so make sure future branches and designs won’t make problems for your company’s building.

Brighten Up Your Lawn

If your company’s business hours run after dark, investing in outdoor lights wouldn’t be a bad idea. Illuminating a wonderfully designed landscape can attract as much attention as the lawn itself, but allowing potential customers to see it at night can draw additional attention. This is especially true if your property has received a customized look. This is even more reason to show it off with lights that accentuate it. Lighting can also allow customers to spot any steps or slopes to avoid accidents.

Keep it Green

Yes, keeping your commercial property green and healthy is the goal, but maintaining that look should be the bigger goal. If fertilizer is needed for a flowerbed, use compost. The organic matter will have a better affect and is free of chemicals. If keeping energy bills low is a concern, as it should be for most business owners, consider commercial awning. The shade will help keep the workplace cooler and your electric bill low.

Landscape Your Property with Professionals

If your business is in dire need of an external makeover, don’t wait any longer. Call TLC Total Lawn Care today and let our experts give your business the look it’s been missing. Missing out on clientele due to an unattractive landscape in an area where the sun shines 300 days a year is unacceptable, so choose our McAllen landscaping services