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Most of the time, you know a great looking lawn when you see one. It’s green, luscious and maybe even tempting to walk around in. Yet, there are several more in-depth factors to gauge whether or not your lawn is as healthy as can be:

  • Color – Of course, a bright and defined green color is great. Just make sure that the color is even throughout.
  • Thickness – Every blade of grass on your lawn should be evenly spaced. A good way to check this out is to simply inspect your lawn from the top down. You shouldn’t be able to see any dark soil in-between the blades.
  • Bounce – Healthy grass is strong grass. It should have a considerable bounce to each blade. It should feel like a firm rug when walking across it barefoot. If your lawn is healthy, the blades should spring right back up after applying pressure.

If you’re still not sure if your lawn is up to par, the professional lawn care team at TLC Total Lawn Care LLC can get yours in tip-top shape. Call us at 800-796-8087 or visit is online for a free quote today.

Irrigation is the act of helping facilitate the healthy production of grass through forms of water different than rain. Depending on the necessities of your particular lawn, there are benefits to certain types of irrigation. The most common types are:

  • Flood – The most basic and easiest form of irrigation, this method requires just a steady stream of water to the area and time for the water to seep all the way through the soil.
  • Drip – This trickle irrigation impacts the root directly through the use of emitters, hoses, etc. A more complicated and expensive form of irrigation, this method requires planning, setup of the equipment used, labor and spacing to be impactful. Compared to flood irrigation, there is much less water used in drip irrigation.
  • Sprinklers – Sprinkler systems utilize a combination of water buildup and pressure to create a simulation of rainfall that lets droplets of water fall down to the area. From industrial to residential systems, sprinklers occupy the middle ground in terms of cost, water usage and labor.


If you are struggling to figure out which form of irrigation is best for you, your business or otherwise, the experts at TLC Total Lawn Care LLC can help. For all of your lawn care needs, visit us online or call us at 800-796-8087 today.

Landscape architecture is the practice of designing an outdoor area through the planning and management of a land’s aesthetic, geography and structure. Anything from residential areas to commercial buildings to parks and college campuses can benefit from the environmental and design factors that come along with hiring a landscape architect.

If you want to finally spruce up your home, office, campus etc., you need the expertise and know-how of TLC Total Lawn Care LLC. With a multitude of experience of making landscape dreams come true, our team of expert lawncare professionals can realize your landscape dreams today. For a free quote, visit us online or contact us at 800-796-8087.

Aeration opens up the soil in your yard. This allows air and water penetration in the root zone of the grass, providing it with the most necessary nutrients to survive and grow healthily. Aeration loosens compacted soil and improves root development, creating a stronger and more stress resistant plant. Aeration also improves the thickness of your lawn, creating a lush atmosphere for your family and loved ones.

Contact TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC today to learn more about our lawn aeration services at 800-796-8087.


Ideally, lawns should be watered in the early morning for approximately 15 minutes, three days per week, depending on the weather condition. If a lawn application is performed on your landscape, it is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before watering the lawn. It is advised that you do not water your lawn at night, since this may lead to increased disease activity.

If you need specialized help in taking care of your lawn, contact the lawn maintenance professionals at TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087.

All of the materials we use for lawn applications and services are professional grade and safe for humans and animals alike. We use low toxicity chemicals and are used in strict compliance to labeled instructions. All of our technicians are trained and have the knowledge to keep you and your family safe while providing top of the line service.

The lawn experts at TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC provide safe and professional lawn installation and lawn maintenance services. Call us today at 800-796-8087 for more information.

Landscaping is the art of modifying an outdoor area to look more visually appealing with regard to design, gardening, structure, weather and lighting.

The professional landscapers at TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC use their expertise in landscape installation and landscape enhancement to provide unique landscaping around your home and backyard.

Weeding is important to maintain your yard or garden. Eliminating weeds makes room for other plants to bloom.

Contact the lawn care experts at TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087 to learn more about proper weeding techniques, and about our weed control services.


Landscaping makes plain outdoor areas look beautiful with a winning combination of aesthetics and design. Landscaping is recommended for businesses and homes to make the property more appealing.

The professional lawn care team at TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC know the benefits of landscaping. Call us today at 800-796-8087 for more information about our residential and commercial landscaping services.

There are a number of reasons why grass turns yellow. Some possible reasons include the following:

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Lowered pH
  • Overheating
  • Drought
  • Cutting it too short too often

A flood cannot kill your grass.  However, it can cause major damage if it remains under water for more than four days. The only way a lawn can benefit from a flood is when the water is flowing. The flowing of the water will provide oxygen for the plants and roots.

TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC provides professional lawn care and landscaping services. Give us a call at 800-796-8087 to get a free quote.

Dethatching is the removal of the thatch layer. Thatch is the accumulation of dead grass and rhizomes. It is simple to remove the thatch layer, however, it can be time consuming. You can do it with a gas-powered rake for a less time consuming process.

For more information about our lawn dethatching services, call TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087.

Aerating is the process of perforating the soil to allow the absorbance of nutrients and water.

For more information about our aeration and de-thatching services, contact the lawn care experts from TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087.

A small layer of thatch is actually good for your lawn. The layer should be about ½ an inch thick. If it’s thicker, it can prevent the water and fertilizer from getting to other areas such as the grass roots and the soil.

Call the lawn experts from TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087 for more information about our lawn maintenance and landscape design services.


Dethatching is a task that can be done by anyone. However, it could be physically demanding. For assistance with your lawn yard and beautiful landscaping, call the lawn care professionals from TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087.   

Thatch is the layer of stems, living and dead, that accumulates between the growing grass and the soil.

For professional dethatching and aeration services call the lawn care specialists from TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC  at 800-796-8087.



Lawn striping is mowing your lawn into a pattern.  This is usually done in professional baseball fields with a lawn mower and a lawn roller.  The roller is mounted in the back and bends the grass after it is cut.

TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC provides residential and commercial lawn mowing services, contact us today at 800-796-8087 to get a quote.

Yes, Total Lawn Care has a licensed and accredited staff of experienced employees including:

  • Licensed irrigators
  • Licensed Turf and Ornamental Pesticide Applicators
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicators
  • Approved GSA Contractors

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