Trees possess an incredible amount of benefits, from filtering our air to cooling structures, helping them conserve energy. However, they can also be cornerstone features to a commercial property’s landscape. Various species have different benefits, and it only makes sense to research and decide which would be perfect for your business.

Now, your business could be doing fine, but its exterior could be bland and you might be thinking of adding an outdoor addition to give it an extra bit of flair, but you’re not sure what exactly it needs. Something that could give your landscape an alluring design but is classy enough to perfectly match your business will work wonders. Palm trees may very well be the answer, and here’s why.

TLC Total Lawn Care can make sure your commercial property will have the best appearance at all times. Contact us today for a free quote and see how we can help your business turn heads.    

Catching People’s Eyes

The Rio Grande Valley’s hot and humid environment makes it perfect for palm trees to prosper. The incredible heights they can grow grab attention from afar and can become part of a centerpiece to the beautiful garden and landscape of your dreams.

TLC has the professional and experienced team of lawn care specialists to enhance your commercial property with a wide variety of designs, with palm trees and most other garden shrubbery being popular options. TLC can also schedule routine maintenance checkups to keep your commercial lawn in pristine shape with annual color changes or design upkeep, including maintaining palm trees.

Increasing Your Property Value

According to the USDA Forest Service, consumers shop more frequently and longer in tree-lined commercial areas and are willing to spend more. The economic benefits don’t end there.

A property’s curb appeal can also add 5-15% more value to the area, depending on species, volume of trees and location of the business. Studies have also shown that people walking or driving down a street lined with trees are inclined to slow down and linger at store windows.

For example, think of why South Padre Island or the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets in Mercedes keep their palm trees well groomed. These trees strengthen the look of prosperity and luxury to South Padre Island and various other traffic-heavy locations.

They Thrive in the RGV

High winds can hinder plans for people and their trees, but palm trees are quite the opposite. The trunks are extremely flexible, which allows the roots to stay planted securely in the ground. The trees’ slim shape makes it possible for wind to pass freely around them without the limbless body being weighed down. These trees have a typical lifespan of nearly 100 years. They may very well still be present when your grandchildren take over the business!

Making Your Business Look Good

Palm trees are one of the many symbols of the Rio Grande Valley and having them on your commercial property can add a local and exotic flavor to your business. Call TLC Total Lawn Care and ask about our RGV landscaping services.