Many people like to focus on making an entrance, but for many businesses, it has always been about making a great entrance. Of course we mean their actual entrance, their doorway to the world, and the place they want to emphasize to all customers, both current and prospective.

Commercial landscaping puts a big emphasis on accentuating a building’s entranceway. Your goal should be to make an open and inviting landscape to sway customers. Though not the most crucial part of running a business, a hidden or dilapidated entrance can quickly drive customers away.

Your business’s entranceway is its face to the world. Let us help you make it the best face possible.


Sign of the Times

The signage used for your business can do a lot to influence the design of your landscape. Depending on how prominent it is, your landscape should work to compliment and draw eyes to itself.

If your sign is large and intricate, your landscape must match to serve as a proper backdrop. Bright colors at the base and an emphasis on plants that do not block or draw attention away from the sign work best.

If the sign is simple and understated, your landscape should work to make it seem like a natural part of the yard. Native plants and walkways leading toward the entrance work best.


A Touch of Color

The purpose of a good lawn is to draw eyes to the property. For a business, it is crucial to guide those eyes to where you want them go. Marking the entrance to your building with pops of bright color helps create a helpful image for customers that not only guides them to your business, but also creates a positive first impression right off the bat.

Colorful flowerbeds and perennials guide customers where you want them to go, and it gives your building an identity. Pay attention to blooming cycles and maintenance to make sure you get the most out of your plants.


Hit the Slopes

Working natural or manmade slopes into your landscape can do a lot to increase your property’s curb appeal. Slopes can obscure parking lots and nearby buildings from the street, placing the emphasis squarely on your property. It also allows you to get creative with designs like layered landscapes that provide depth and uniqueness to the entrance of your building.


Let’s Work Together

Whatever your goals are, when developing your commercial landscape, Total Lawn Care LLC is here to make it a reality. We believe in creating the best image for you and your business through a beautifully designed and maintained lawn. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us online or call 800.796.8087.