In recent years, the concept of “Going Green” has taken off. No longer a special occasion, most people are taking into account the carbon footprint that trails behind them. There will always be work to be done to promote Earth-saving strategies for future generations. When it comes to your office space, there are many ways you can take the lead in going green through putting thought into your landscaping. Your friends at TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C. are here to share tips to save energy, and maybe some money at your business location.

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Keep Your Cool

The sun is a giver of life, but its rays can do some serious damage in terms of heat on your property. As temperatures around your building rise from sun exposure, creating some type of shade is ideal. While planting an array of trees and shrubs can do the trick, other forms of shade, such as commercial awnings, have been proven to reduce temperatures as well, which could help cut down on energy consumption.

Let the Water Flow (Efficiently)

Most commercial property owners do not realize exactly how much water is used to keep their properties irrigated. It is important to be in the know about what your property needs according to location, time of year and more. Connecting with professionals who know the ins and outs of irrigation, backflow design and installation for your landscape is crucial to spending the right amount on water to keep the grass green on your side.

Design Your Space

More than one solution exists for every commercial or residential area. Every piece of land is special and needs a thorough assessment of their property to maximize on investment. Especially when it comes to “going green”, pinpointing specific ways for your property to achieve that status is crucial. From purposefully placed vegetation to an in-depth evaluation of your area’s energy requirements and limitations, putting some thought into the design of your space is the first step to reaping the benefits of these valuable energy saving strategies.

Landscape Your Property with Total Lawn Care

At TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C., we strive for the health and wealth of the earth. Seeing both residential and commercial landscapes from San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley become the best they can be is what fuels our determination. If you need lawn care services in Schertz, Laredo and beyond and want to start your new green way of life today, call us at 800.796.8087 for all the information you need.