Last week, our blog focused on some of the benefits that a little light can bring to your lawn. This week, your friends at TLC want to share another very important addition you can make to your residential or commercial property. We’re talking about nature’s giants – trees! Besides improving the quality of our air and reducing energy costs and overall consumption, there are many other beneficial factors for planting trees on your property.

Give your property the proper facelift with TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C.

Money Grows (And is Saved) on Trees

Due to the array of choices when choosing the types of trees for your lawn, determining the true value of trees grown on a property can be difficult. Nevertheless, when coupled carefully with a properly groomed landscape, the economic benefits are hard to ignore. Besides improving your lawn’s look, the shade trees provide help cut energy related costs while boosting curb appeal.

Make a Statement

Installing trees can also provide enhancements to the overall design and architecture of your building. Depending on your preference, trees can be inviting or not as they are an optimal way to achieve the security or privacy one may need. Lined up neatly or scattered around, trees are an extension of your business space.

Fortify Your Landscape

With the power to attract the eye, palm, oak, mesquite or any kind of tree can be a prime anchor to complete the desirable landscape of your dreams. Proper placement and implementation into the design and feel of your space can reinforce your lawn and become a gorgeous focal point for your landscape.

Tune Up Your Landscape with Total Lawn Care

Tree installation on your property can be the link you’re missing to complete the look of your property. Yet, it doesn’t stop at installation. The proper inspection, plan, care, maintenance and even removal to get your landscape looking great are very important. Thankfully, getting expert help has never been easier.

The professionals in commercial and residential landscaping at TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C. can help you realize your dream environment. With over 15 years of experience in serving the Rio Grade Valley, San Antonio, Austin and beyond, TLC is no stranger to protecting our client’s images. For a free quote and more information, contact TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C. online or call 800.796.8087.