In Texas, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the sun will shine as bright as can be most of the year. For your residential or commercial property, that’s a great thing. Being able to enjoy your landscape in the glory of the sun is a perk of living in our tremendous Lone Star State. Yet, when the sun goes down, it could limit you from enjoying the view. With the aesthetic and practical benefits that additional lighting can bring, now is the perfect time to add some additional landscape lighting to your property.

Explore your landscape lighting options with TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C.

A String of Benefits

Not only has lighting technology improved, but also the creative ways lighting can be used can add a tremendous amount of benefits to your commercial or residential property.


This one’s obvious. If you’ve taken the time and dedication to make your lawn look great and spruced up with some thoughtful designs, why not enjoy the view all the time? Increase your landscape’s visibility to enjoy your space whenever you please. By adding additional light, introducing shadows and strategic spots of darkness to your lawn adds to the overall aesthetic.

Safety and Security

Everyone loves the peace of mind that comes from being able to see our surroundings. Light gives us the coverage we need to be alert. The same goes for your property. Whether lights are purely for aesthetic reasons, are motion-controlled for intruders or unwanted animals, or a little of both, lighting can take your security efforts a step further.

Speaking of steps, proper boundary lighting can also illuminate any stairs, edges, falls or dips in your landscape design. Remember, safety is always first when it comes to your pool, patio, garden, building and home landscape design.

Maximize Your Area with Total Lawn Care

As great as adding light to your property is, it can’t become the be all, end all of your space. The power of light is best used to showcase the qualities that make your landscape stand out amongst all other lawns.

Before summer begins, maximize the most attractive viewpoints of your lawn and guide people’s eyes to the interesting highlights of manicured trees and plants. Most importantly, achieve it all with the help of TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C.

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