Handling Your Lawn Care Needs in San Antonio

The image your home or business brings to the city of San Antonio and the world is an extension of you. Whether you are raising a family in Alamo Heights, starting a business in Midtown or currently own a residential or commercial property in Uptown, the look and feel of your landscape can make a world of difference in the eyes of your neighbors and clients.

To make things easy, TLC Total Lawn Care LLC. is here to make your dreamscape a reality. For more than 20 years, TLC has been protecting the image of our customers with full service landscaping. When your commercial property is in need of a makeover, redesign or simply maintenance, TLC provides installation, enhancement, irrigation and general lawn care services all across San Antonio.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We are fortunate in the State of Texas to have space to move and enjoy our beautiful land with freedom and pride. A lawn that is expertly designed and well-maintained is a chance to take full advantage of owning a property. For property owners in Stone Oak, Helotes, King William, etc., TLC Total Lawn Care LLC. is your trusted partner for lawn care and maintenance projects big, small or in-between.

Licensed and accredited in irrigation, design, pesticide application and more, our team of lawn care experts are professionals in every sense of the word. We at TLC treat your property with the same detail and pride as you would because San Antonio is our home. Our employees come from Jefferson Heights, Highland Park, Prospect Hill and elsewhere to serve people from Palm Heights to Northwest Crossing the best way they know how – through lawn care design and maintenance you can trust.

Giving the River City a Little TLC

At TLC Total Lawn Care LLC., we know the responsibilities of your business or property can keep you so busy that taking care of your lawn’s aesthetics can be quite the load. TLC helps give your company property the tender loving care it deserves.

If you or someone you know is in need of residential or commercial landscaping in the San Antonio area, we have all the solutions you need. Contact TLC Total Lawn Care online or at 800.796.8087.

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