General Landscaping Mistakes

Lately, we’ve covered many topics about what makes a good lawn. We’ve talked about prominent features, sustainable designs and fun ways to make your property stand out. In other words, we’ve done a pretty good job of steering you in the right direction.

What we haven’t covered is what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you’ve seen some bad examples yourself, but it doesn’t take much to make a property look terrible. So, what should you avoid doing while building your landscape?

We know how to keep a lawn healthy and glowing. Let us know what we can do for you.

All Over the Place

As with almost any undertaking, moving forward without a plan is the quickest route to failure. Designing a landscape without giving thought to the kind of climate you’re in, the cost of upkeep and possible environmental impacts create a landscape without focus and high in cost.


What you’ll get is a landscape that will neither fit the area nor remain cost effective while looking cluttered and tacky in the process, neither of which makes a good impression.

Too Much of a Good Thing

There’s something to be said about diversity in a landscape. Sure you may be a big fan of perennials or roses, but too much of a certain plant will hamper your overall design goals.

Your focus should be on plants that thrive in a four-season cycle. While flowers will look great during certain times of the year, the periods they aren’t in bloom will decrease your property’s curb appeal. Diversify your seeds and you’ll more likely succeed.

Weed Out Weeds

Weeds can suck the life out of plants and even ruin your sidewalks. If allowed to grow, they will fill almost every crevice, causing cracks in sidewalks and killing your most prized plants. Take the time for proper maintenance and you’ll not only remove weeds, but also prevent their growth all together. A healthy lawn is a shining lawn.

See What We Can Do

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