August Lawn Care Tips

The key to keeping your lawn green and beautiful year-round is to care for it with consistency and understanding that lawn needs change with the seasons. The end of summer brings Texas sweltering hot weather with the potential to burn your lawn and garden.  Whether you hire a professional to take care of your outdoor […]

4 Tips to Help Revive Your Commercial Lawn in the Spring

There’s no question that winter does some sort of damage to your commercial lawn each year. Come springtime, you may find leftover debris, new pests and brown spots on your lawn left behind by freezing temperatures. Ice freezes plant cells, which kills them. After winter, your commercial lawn may require a lot of maintenance and […]

3 Lawn Care Don’ts to Keep in Mind for the Winter

Now that you’re properly informed on the ways to prevent the winter season from damaging a commercial lawn, there are a few don’ts you may be letting slide. Anything like having your plants hidden and shielded from the sun to neglecting your commercial lawn with a routine water supply can spell trouble. Although in South […]

Get Your Lawn Ready for the Upcoming Winter Season!

As the days start to shorten and temperatures across South Texas dip, it becomes increasingly important to utilize proper commercial lawn care techniques to prevent the damage or death of your business’s exterior. Giving your lawn the care it needs will properly ensure that it will withstand the looming cold season and come back better […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Colder Temperatures

Although snow rarely falls in South and Central Texas, we still get some cold, harsh temperatures. In order to have a healthy lawn after the winter, it’s important to prepare your commercial lawn to withstand the effects of colder temperatures. Most of the grasses and plants in cities and areas like San Antonio, Austin, Laredo […]

How to Protect Your Commercial Lawn from Floodwaters

Hurricane season is still not over. This means that we may continue to see heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms within the next few months. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, maybe below a slope out in the hill country or on land with poor drainage systems, we have some tips […]

2 Important Tips to Help Protect Your Lawn During Hurricane Season

According to The Weather Channel, 2016’s hurricane season has been the most active of the last four years. A forecast published by The Weather Company predicted 14 named storms for the year, of which eight hurricanes and three major hurricanes were listed. Being proactive with the care of your commercial lawn can help ensure that […]

2 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Hurricane Season

Over the past five months, at least three major flooding events have occurred in Central, East and South Texas. In April, the Houston “Tax Day” Flood brought heavy rainfall measuring 10-20 inches. The following month, a storm in Corpus Christi produced more than one foot of rainfall, causing waters to cover the roofs of vehicles […]

4 Common Issues Seen with Commercial Lawns

One of the most common mistakes a business owner can commit is neglecting his/her commercial lawn. This lawn will be the first thing the public will notice. If it’s well-maintained, it will appear inviting. If not, then it may dissuade any potential customer from stepping foot inside of your establishment. This is why it’s important […]

How Aeration Can Make Your Commercial Lawn Beautiful

Your business’s lawn says a lot about your company. A well-manicured commercial lawn can become a warm welcome to potential clients, possibly increasing your property’s value. But a louder message can come from a company’s unkempt yard. Knee-high grass and dead palm trees are eyesores for businesses, but there’s a way to keep your lawn […]