One of the most common mistakes a business owner can commit is neglecting his/her commercial lawn. This lawn will be the first thing the public will notice. If it’s well-maintained, it will appear inviting. If not, then it may dissuade any potential customer from stepping foot inside of your establishment. This is why it’s important to always ensure that your grass is watered, flowers are trimmed and the area is clean. Our professional landscapers can help your business’s exterior look great year-round. Here are a few mistakes that many business owners commit that you should avoid.

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An Ugly Entrance

Your business’s entrance should receive as much attention as possible. After all, this will be the first and last thing people will see when visiting your company. The entrance says so much and ignoring it can be a major mistake. A commercial lawn littered with weeds and overgrown grass can give off an impression of sloppy work or neglect. Don’t get caught being labeled as careless.


Compaction is the result of soil being too dense. This may be the result of too much foot traffic or possibly not having enough parking, resulting in people parking on your yard. The weight of vehicles, people and equipment can negatively impact the growth of your commercial lawn. Limiting air that’s needed for grass to thrive can cause a lawn to become susceptible to weeds, diseases and pests. Aerating your yard can help alleviate this problem.

Poor Lighting

The need for lighting outside of a business can seem minimal during certain times of the year. But for those companies that stay open late, lighting is not only beneficial, it’s needed. Keeping the exterior well-lit can help the business stand out and provides enough luminosity to prevent accidents such as trips. Be smart and keep your business’s exterior lit to prevent any problems.

Remove Dead Flora

There’s nothing unsightlier than seeing dead trees or grass on a lawn. This is especially true for businesses. As we said above, a lack of lawn maintenance will give off a negative vibe to visitors. If they see that you aren’t keeping up with your lawn’s maintenance, then it will make your business look bad. Always remove dead leaves and trees, and always keep grass watered.

Let Us Help You

Maintaining a lawn can be easy, but when you have a business to look after as well, overlooking it can sometimes happen. Stop overlooking your lawn and contact TLC Total Lawn Care. Let our commercial landscapers sharpen your company’s outdoor appearance today!