Your business’s lawn says a lot about your company. A well-manicured commercial lawn can become a warm welcome to potential clients, possibly increasing your property’s value. But a louder message can come from a company’s unkempt yard. Knee-high grass and dead palm trees are eyesores for businesses, but there’s a way to keep your lawn looking healthy, and it’s called aeration.

TLC has a proven record of turning commercial lawns into beautiful landscapes. Contact us today to learn how we can treat yours.

What is Aeration?

Aeration involves making holes into a lawn with short spikes or digging and pulling out small clumps of soil. Shovels and hollow tines are tools that can be used to relieve compacted parts of the ground. A good yard tool for puncturing is a border fork. This tool is similar to a pitchfork, only a smaller version that’s great for working in tight spaces. Both items are great for aerating. Make sure to only go a couple of inches deep into the ground.

What it Does

Aerating has many benefits for commercial lawns for both short and long terms. Freeing up space for oxygenating turf roots and soil is one of the many reasons for aerating. Water can also have a deeper reach and soak grass roots, thereby increasing the health of different varieties of grass. Loosening up packed soil can also improve resiliency during droughts. And, if adding fertilizer is being considered, aerating can help it reach roots easier. The added holes for oxygen can also stave off the growth of fungal diseases.

Why it’s Recommended

Aeration is recommended because maintenance is necessary. Your commercial lawn is mowed, edged and watered often, and doing this compresses the soil, slowing down new grass from growing and roots from reaching downward as far as possible. If more than a few years pass without aeration, then the soil will become tight and hard, cutting grass off from fresh fertilizers, rainfall and even irrigation.

TLC account manager Roy Cantu recently spoke about the importance of aerating your commercial lawn. “When you’re aerating your lawn, you’re maintaining its health. When you take plugs of grass and dirt out, you’re making it easier for fertilizer and oxygen to get into the ground. The more capacity for oxygen to get in, the better.”

Put Some TLC Into Your Commercial Lawn

Aeration is one of the best practices in keeping a well-maintained commercial landscape. TLC Total Lawn Care has treated and maintained commercial landscapes for businesses in McAllen, Edinburg and Mission. Because your business’s exterior says a lot of the interior, make sure to call us to get the process of beautifying your commercial lawn today.