3 Lawn Care Don’ts to Keep in Mind for the Winter

Now that you’re properly informed on the ways to prevent the winter season from damaging a commercial lawn, there are a few don’ts you may be letting slide. Anything like having your plants hidden and shielded from the sun to neglecting your commercial lawn with a routine water supply can spell trouble. Although in South Texas we may not receive the full effects of winter, we do experience dry and harsh cold weather along with some heavy winds. Therefore, it is imperative to have your commercial landscaping efforts taken care of during the winter.

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Don’t Let Debris Build Up

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is letting their lawn go wild during the winter months. Make your lawn look cleaner than the rest. Tree leaves are notorious for making a mess on any lawn during the winter season, and in South Texas, palm tree leaves can quickly build up. To avoid violating city ordinances or fines, remember to book our services today. Raking weekly is a must if you’re expecting a beautiful lawn in the spring. Routine raking may prevent damages done by piles of leaves. Non-raked leaves can cause the infestation of pests like rodents or insects. These pests seek warmth and a place to call home, therefore, any pile of leaves is an ideal place to find shelter if left unattended for more than a few weeks. Another common mistake is leaving holiday decorations out longer than needed. The quicker you store away your lawn decorations, the faster your grass can receive sun and air exposure, and nobody wants dry patches on their commercial lawn.

Don’t Skip Mowing

Looking forward to a flourishing lawn during the spring? Mowing during the South Texas weather months will make that happen. It’s assumed that cold weather halts most plant life, leaving many to neglect their lawn-caring efforts. Your lawn needs sun and air exposure, and roots need to be nourished and ready for the warmer months of spring. Tallgrass can promote mold growth that may be difficult to take care of later on. Plant growth starts at the root, so a healthy root system makes for a healthy lawn.

Don’t Forget the Water

Make sure to have your sprinklers set to run a few times a week, even during the winter. Plants always need water and the root system doesn’t receive much of any precipitation during dry winter seasons. Again, although you won’t be setting your sprinklers to work as much during this time of year, don’t neglect watering your commercial lawn. Providing it with the right amount of water can strengthen roots and prevent them from drying out, all while allowing them to be able to fight off plant diseases.

We Want to Treat Your Lawn!

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