As the days start to shorten and temperatures across South Texas dip, it becomes increasingly important to utilize proper commercial lawn care techniques to prevent the damage or death of your business’s exterior. Giving your lawn the care it needs will properly ensure that it will withstand the looming cold season and come back better than ever in the spring. Follow our tips below so that your lawn comes back healthy and green next year!

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Fertilizer is Important

Fertilizer is crucial during the autumn months since it provides the proper nutrients needed during the winter’s dormancy period. During this period, the roots of all plants in your lawn will keep growing and the nutrients you’ve fed them will be used during the spring.

Power Seeding Done Right

One of the best ways to increase turf density is through power seeding since it helps improve your lawn’s overall health and appearance. We have great equipment designed to dispense the right amount of seeds and we do it right for a positive effect on your lawn’s appearance. Keep in mind that maintaining a dense lawn is the best strategy and defense against weed and insect damage.

Rake Your Yard Once a Week

Like all commercial lawns, yours should have already started to become covered with dead leaves. This makes it a priority to rake up or blow leaves away as soon as you can. If your yard is free of leaves, not only does it improve its appearance, it also improves the lawn’s health. No leaves on your yard allows sunlight to shine down without a blanket covering the grass.

Lawns Get Fungus, Too!

While the possibility of fungi wiping out your entire lawn is slim, it’s important know the benefits of keeping it in optimal shape. The possibility of a fungi infestation is more remote if your lawn is made up of a mixture of grasses. Most fungi attack specific grass types, so having multiple varieties makes it harder for fungi to spread like wildfire.

What Are Lawn Grubs?

If you’ve ever looked at your lawn and it appears brown and unattractive, then there’s a good chance it’s due to lawn grubs. Grubs live in the soil and eat grass roots. Not only do these pests damage your beautiful green lawn, their presence also allows other unwelcoming wildlife to feed on them. Where do they come from?

Most come from beetles, which lay their eggs during the summer. Ensuring that grubs don’t take over your lawn is just a matter of detecting them. If during late summer or early fall, your lawn is already showing grub damage such as brown patches that peel easily from the soil, then grab a little shovel and get ready to do some light digging.

If there are more than five grubs per ¼ of a square foot, then your lawn needs grub control. Don’t fret; we’re experienced in ridding these pesky grubs from lawns year-round.

We Can Help You

Let our commercial landscaping experts help protect your lawn from fungi, grubs or anything else that might sprout up due to the winter. We can help with the maintenance of your lawn year-round and can restore it as best we can. If you have any questions about our lawn services, please contact our commercial lawn care experts in McAllen today!