General Landscaping Mistakes

General Landscaping Mistakes Lately, we’ve covered many topics about what makes a good lawn. We’ve talked about prominent features, sustainable designs and fun ways to make your property stand out. In other words, we’ve done a pretty good job of steering you in the right direction. What we haven’t covered is what you shouldn’t do.... read more

It’s Not Hard: Hardscaping Your Lawn

Landscaping isn’t always about grass, flowers and trees. Sometimes, designing the perfect lawn involves little manmade touches to make a statement or give a clearer vision. Whether it’s a fountain, walking path or ornaments, thinking outside of the plant box widens your horizons. The term for this is “hardscaping” and refers to any landscaping touch... read more

Making an Entrance: Tips to Make Your Entrance Grand

Many people like to focus on making an entrance, but for many businesses, it has always been about making a great entrance. Of course we mean their actual entrance, their doorway to the world, and the place they want to emphasize to all customers, both current and prospective. Commercial landscaping puts a big emphasis on... read more

Going Native: The Benefits of Using Native Plants

When starting a new landscape design, many customers begin looking into the benefits of the environment around them. The use of native plants is on the rise among landscapers and the benefits are hard to ignore. As a local business, it’s important to present a good image to the neighborhood. If your landscape stands out,... read more

Limiting the Damage: Tips to Protect Your Lawn During Storms

With hurricane season, it is always prudent to have a plan of action when a major storm hits. Preparing your property for the worst can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing damage, especially for your commercial lawn. Protecting your landscape keeps your business safe. Let us help you plan. Hurricanes bring the... read more

Tending to Trends: Recent Landscaping Styles

Commercial landscaping is an ever-changing topic. Trends come and go just like anything else and keeping up with them can help benefit your business. Everyone wants their property to stand out in order to draw eyes and bring in customers. Keeping up with trends can make the difference. Make a statement with your landscape and... read more

Ahead of the Curve: Adding Curb Appeal to Your Business

Making the most out of your commercial landscape can do wonders for business. If you want to get people through the door, make sure that your space is as open and inviting as possible. When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, it is less about flash and more about substance. Your landscape says a... read more

Heating Up and Staying Healthy: Irrigation Tips for Your Lawn

Now that summer is at it’s peak, it’s prudent to know that July is smart irrigation month. Proper irrigation is crucial for any yard to stay green and inviting year-round, especially during the hottest days. There are multiple ways to properly irrigate your lawn and here are a few tips to get the most out... read more

Designing Your Dream Commercial Landscape

When designing a commercial landscape, it’s important to keep in mind a few rules to keep things looking beautiful and inviting. Things like color, placement and sustainability can make a huge difference in the look and cost of upkeep for your commercial property. At TLC Total Lawn Care LLC, we help you create and protect... read more

Dealing with Deluge: What Excess Water Can do to Your Lawn

With Hurricane season on the way and recent heavy rains drenching the area, one has to wonder what kind of effects the extra water has on commercial landscapes. Not surprisingly, there can be both positive and negative effects. An excess of water can have multiple effects on commercial lawns. Let TLC help sort it out.... read more