Springing Forward to a Lush Lawn

Generally, business owners don’t think of winter as a time to keep up with the maintenance of their commercial lawn. However, now is the best time to get ahead for a beautiful, blooming commercial lawn for spring. Here is some information on various types of warm grasses for the upcoming months. For questions about planting... read more

What to Know About Having a Healthy Commercial Lawn Year-Round

Winter comes a little later in South Texas, but don’t be fooled by our usual warm climate predictability. When winter does hit, it can get tough. While it may not snow, our fragile lawns may suffer from the harshness of the cold. This leaves us wondering about the aftermath. Here’s what to consider for your... read more

Rolling, Trimming and Sprinkling for a Healthy Lawn

Gardening season is almost here! In just a few short months, those of us with green thumbs will be like kids in a candy store imagining how many plants, flowers, new grass seeds and shrubs we can plant for the upcoming season! Before we start to grow wild with ideas, it’s important to know that... read more

Five Tips for Proper Crepe Myrtle Maintenance

One of the trees we can proudly show off in the Rio Grande Valley is the famous purple, pink, red and white crepe myrtle that adorns homes and businesses everywhere. These lovely trees can be spotted in the region and throughout the state, and are the envy of many national gardeners as they thrive off... read more

Rescue Your Greens and Flowers this Winter Season

Here in the central and southern regions of Texas, we don’t need to worry about being snowed in. Frost damage to our homes and the idea of shoveling snow out of a driveway aren’t a reality, but one thing we should keep in mind as the temperatures drop is how to care for and protect... read more

Tips on Caring for Rose Gardens in the Fall

Save some time to stop and smell the roses this fall and add an extra bit of TLC to your romantic garden. As any seasoned gardener can tell you, extending your rose garden’s lifespan is all about maintenance. These romantic gestures come with a cost due to the amount of knowledge and maintenance required to... read more

Planning Ahead: How Nitrogen Can Help Your Lawn in the Fall

Predicting the weather in Texas is next to impossible, but it’s smart to prepare for when things get rough. Fall is the best time to invest a little extra care and attention for your commercial lawn in preparation for the winter’s first freezing periods. Generally, our climate is warm with winters reaching average records of... read more

Avoiding the Flames: Fireproofing Your Lawn

As wildfires rage on in California, home and business owners must consider the risks fire can pose to their properties. Fire is unpredictable and hard to contain once it gets going, meaning one must do all they can beforehand to prevent the worst. Though you cannot completely fireproof your commercial landscape, there are a few... read more

Wellness Check: Lawn Tips for the Fall

With summer winding down, it’s time to adjust your lawn care routine to match the changing climate. The temperature will be dropping and days will be getting shorter. For this reason, your lawn will need to adapt with the season. Early fall is actually a great time to work on your lawn for the future.... read more

Feathered Friends Add Value to Property

We’ve covered how the right commercial landscape makes a great impression on the neighborhood and potential customers, but how does it look to our feathered friends? Yes, an underrated aspect of commercial landscaping is designing a space that appeals to local wildlife, namely birds. The right design can bring a wide spectrum of avian visitors... read more