Irrigation is the act of helping facilitate the healthy production of grass through forms of water different than rain. Depending on the necessities of your particular lawn, there are benefits to certain types of irrigation. The most common types are:

  • Flood – The most basic and easiest form of irrigation, this method requires just a steady stream of water to the area and time for the water to seep all the way through the soil.
  • Drip – This trickle irrigation impacts the root directly through the use of emitters, hoses, etc. A more complicated and expensive form of irrigation, this method requires planning, setup of the equipment used, labor and spacing to be impactful. Compared to flood irrigation, there is much less water used in drip irrigation.
  • Sprinklers – Sprinkler systems utilize a combination of water buildup and pressure to create a simulation of rainfall that lets droplets of water fall down to the area. From industrial to residential systems, sprinklers occupy the middle ground in terms of cost, water usage and labor.


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