With Hurricane season on the way and recent heavy rains drenching the area, one has to wonder what kind of effects the extra water has on commercial landscapes. Not surprisingly, there can be both positive and negative effects.

An excess of water can have multiple effects on commercial lawns. Let TLC help sort it out.


What Can Happen

Extra water on commercial lawns is not necessarily a bad thing if kept under control. More water means less time with the sprinklers on and can also mean not having to deal with drought conditions that weaken plants.

Problems come up, though, when water is allowed to stand. Standing water in the root zone of trees, shrubs and plants can drown plants if left long enough without drying. In that case, the sprinkler timer can be adjusted to not add more water to the area for a few days.

Standing water is also the perfect nesting ground for mosquitoes. Though mosquitoes do not directly impact landscapes, they are a nuisance to the public and can drive people away. Keep an eye out for areas where water has been sitting undisturbed and consider draining it.

Lastly, plants like oleanders, which flower under stress, will stay green but lack blooms if watered too much.

Let Us Help You Keep the Balance

We at TLC Total Lawn Care LLC are committed to protecting your image no matter the weather condition. Whether you need proper irrigation installed or just an adjustment to your sprinkler system, we are here to help. For a free quote, contact us online or call 800.796.8087.