Protecting Your Property from High Winds

It’s finally spring in the Rio Grande Valley, and that usually means an increase in high winds. Dealing with windy days can become a daily part of your routine. Holding down your caps while walking outside to prevent them from getting blown away or ladies securing their hair before the day begins are common sights. But, what can you do to make your lawn stand firm in days with high winds? South Texas weather can be rough, but your lawn doesn’t have to suffer for it.

Give TLC Total Lawn Care a call today to let them help your commercial property’s lawn stand up to high winds.    

Safety Measures

If you know that a storm or high winds are coming, taking a few precautions with your commercial property can prevent lawn decorations and other debris from becoming hazards.

  • Collect and dispose of any loose branches and empty flowerpots to prevent debris from flying about and creating the potential for damage and injuries.
  • Be sure to store company barbecue grills and outdoor furniture unless they are secured or weighed down tightly.
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed to prevent any hanging or loose branches that can cause the potential for damage to your property.

A Smart Design

Very often, an intelligent layout can be the difference between sustaining minimal damage to your business and having to close your company down for a day or two. Try not to plant or install trees too close to structures. This will reduce the risk of toppled trees or plants breaking glass and crashing into windows.

Keeping trees slanted away from buildings will also avert less debris and dirt from being blown toward your building. Designing your lawn or garden with an outside layer of shrubbery may very well protect your commercial lawn from damaging high winds.

Shrewd Watering

Obviously, if winds are blowing strongly, then it’s best not to water your commercial property. However, living in McAllen or Brownsville, that isn’t much of a choice. If your commercial property is in need of water, try flooding it instead of using sprinklers. This will prevent wind from causing much needed water to evaporate quickly, resulting in grass and plants to lack the nourishment they need. A slow drip watering system will work just as fine when avoiding high winds.

Another option is installing a wind speed monitor nearby. It can detect high winds and shut off irrigation by cutting power to watering valves. Unfortunately, three or four consecutive days of bad weather can dry up your commercial property. Of course, watering early in the morning before the heat of the midday will keep your property greener and healthier.

Brace Your Property

TLC Total Lawn Care can strengthen your commercial lawn’s health and get it ready for when weather gets really tough. Founded in Weslaco, we know this climate well and are more than prepared for what we have to do to prevent lawns from succumbing to bad weather. Give us a call today and we can formulate a plan for your commercial property.

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