It’s Not Hard: Hardscaping Your Lawn

Landscaping isn’t always about grass, flowers and trees. Sometimes, designing the perfect lawn involves little manmade touches to make a statement or give a clearer vision. Whether it’s a fountain, walking path or ornaments, thinking outside of the plant box widens your horizons.

The term for this is “hardscaping” and refers to any landscaping touch not involving plants. This can mean benches, rocks or fountains and can serve as a defining feature or creative touch.

Landscaping involves more than just the right plants. We’re here to help you think outside the box.


Follow the Path

One of the most prevalent hardscaping features includes sidewalks and/or stone paths. Whether made of stone or cement, a set path through your landscape can serve as a definitive line through your property that can guide people past your most beautiful features on the way to the entrance to your building.

Depending on how large your lawn is, you can play with the length and path of a walkway. A straight path can lead people directly to an entrance while a winding path can serve more as a tour and draw more natural foot traffic. Even in smaller lawns, a small path of individual stones can serve as a cute touch that acts as a natural transition from the outdoors to your business’s interior.



Benches in a beautiful landscape are extremely inviting for visitors. When placed properly, benches invite people to have a seat and admire their surroundings. This can be crucial for businesses looking to attract customers. If potential consumers are around your property longer, they can be drawn to do business with you.

Benches can also work wonders for neighborhood appeal. They encourage foot traffic and can help combat urban sprawling by creating meeting spaces for neighborhood residents.


A Fountain of Looks

A fountain, or any larger hardscape feature, can serve as a theme setter for your lawn. Centering your landscape on a central feature gives your property definition while making it a neighborhood landmark. Fountains, statues or art can all serve the same purpose and will make your property memorable to anyone who visits.


Let’s Get Started

At Total Lawn Care LLC, we specialize in creating a memorable landscape for you or your business. Your lawn is your face to the outside world and having a good one makes a world of difference. If you are a business looking for a great commercial landscape plan, we are here for you. Get a free quote by contacting us online or calling 800.796.8087.


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