Ahead of the Curve: Adding Curb Appeal to Your Business

Making the most out of your commercial landscape can do wonders for business. If you want to get people through the door, make sure that your space is as open and inviting as possible. When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, it is less about flash and more about substance.

Your landscape says a lot about your business. Let us make the most of it.

Here are a few tricks you can use to maximize the appeal of your space.

Highlight the Entrance

If you want people to walk through the door, make sure they can see it. When designing your landscape, make a note to highlight the entrance in a way that is inviting. You can do this with flowers, small trees or a walking path. Just avoid blocking the door.

Have a Point of Focus

Try and center your design on a defining feature that draws eyes. Things like a large tree or statue can bring focus to your landscape for you to build around. A prominent feature can also provide a signature to your landscape that helps it stand out in the neighborhood.

Color Clash

Always keep in mind the color palate you are working with when designing your landscape. Make sure the colors you add to your lawn compliment your building. That said, don’t be afraid to try splashing colorful flowers in an area that is otherwise drab.

Light it Up

A simple way to keep your lawn bright even when the sun has set is proper lighting around walkways. The added light keeps your lawn visible as well as adds some security to the area. You can keep costs down by using options like LEDs or solar powered lights.

Let’s Get to Work

Whatever job you have in mind, we at TLC Total Lawn Care LLC are ready to deliver. We can design your space, install it and keep it maintained for years to come. Our specialty is commercial landscaping and we do our best to keep your image shining.

If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, or to get a free quote, contact us online or give us a call at 800.796.8087.


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