Lawn Care: Separating Fact from Fiction

With the amount of information about nearly every subject available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to separate what’s true and false about the care and upkeep of your commercial or residential lawn. To help you filter through the noise, TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC. is here to highlight some lawn care myths and finally get to the truth of it all.

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Myth: Watering my lawn everyday is mandatory.

Reality: Not necessarily. We previously wrote an in-depth article on finding your flow when it comes to your specific lawn watering needs, which you can find here. Water is critical for the life of your lawn, there’s no doubt about that. Compensate how much water your lawn will need based on rainfall and climate. Moist and rain-heavy areas will require less lawn watering whereas arid and dry locations will require more.

Myth: The shorter I cut my lawn, the better.

Reality: While a short lawn provides more time in-between cuts, it could actually be harmful – particularly in the summer when the sun’s rays can really do damage. Short grass blades give way to allowing your soil to lose valuable moisture and become dry and brittle. A lawn with medium-length grass is important to preserving your soil’s health.

Myth: Every lawn is the same. What worked for one property works for all.

Reality: Not true! Just as identical twins are different on fundamental levels, so are lawns across the world. There are many factors that go into properly treating grass and landscapes in general. In order to grow and keep a great-looking lawn, you need to figure out what your specific lawn needs are, then coordinate a plan of action to maximize the potential of everything you have.

Total Lawn Care Can Help

To get the most out of your lawn, it needs the proper inspection, plan, care and maintenance to keep it looking great. For property owners with other important things to deal with, getting expert help has never been easier. The professionals in commercial landscaping at TLC Total Lawn Care LLC. can help.

With over 15 years of experience in protecting clients’ images from the Rio Grade Valley to San Antonio and beyond, TLC is always available. For a free quote and more information, call 800.796.8087, or contact us online.



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