tlc year-round lawn careSince 2000, TLC Total Lawn Care LLC has placed all of its efforts into one goal: protecting your landscaping image. First impressions are always crucial and a well-maintained and professionally-designed lawn is the first step in the right direction. Our team of trained and certified landscape and maintenance professionals in Austin, San Antonio, McAllen and Laredo are ready to give your commercial property the makeover and upkeep it needs.


The TLC Way

Much like a first impression, a good relationship can go a long way. At TLC Lawn Care, we keep our bond with customers strong with optimal lawn care services. These include:


Your lawn matters and you can count on TLC Lawn Care to keep it looking as beautiful as ever.


Prioritizing Your Image

Your lawn should be a head-turner that sets the right tone for your entire property. Let the TLC Lawn Care team of professionals bring our commitment to quality commercial landscaping and maintenance services to your door. Call us at 800.796.8087 for more information or to schedule our lawn beautifying services.



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