If your grass keeps looking dull, maybe it is time to aerate it.  Aerating is the process of piercing holes into the soil to help the roots and the soil facilitate the water and fertilizers.  This often happens with high traffic soil that has been compressed over time.

There are different ways to aerate your lawn with different mechanisms.  Whichever mechanism you choose, your lawn will definitely benefit from it.

Different Methods

People aerate their lawn using a powered aerator or a manual aerator.  While manual aerators are less expensive than the powered ones, it becomes less practical if you have a large lawn.

A powered aerator drives tines into the ground using a gas engine.  The speed in which this is done is relatively fast ¾ mowing speed.

Some people create their own mechanism by attaching plywood with nails on their shoes and stepping on the grass.  While this is a good idea, it is only practical if you happen to have a small piece of lawn. Otherwise, you could spend days trying to aerate your lawn with your aerating boots.

Before aerating, your lawn has to be prepared.  In order to make it easier for the aerator to pierce the soil, it is recommended that the lawn be watered rigorously.  Make sure that there is at least one inch of water on the grass.

After your lawn is aerated, it is recommended that you apply fertilizer and grass seed.

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Without the proper attention, keeping a healthy yard can sometimes be difficult. If you need professional assistance with aerating your lawn or with any other lawn maintenance services, call the lawn aeration and de-thatching specialists  from Total Lawn Care, LLC at 800-796-8087.



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