You’ve reached the point where you don’t know what else to do for your lawn. You water it, use fertilizer and your lawn still looks the same. If you are inexperienced in the area of lawn care, you might not have heard about dethatching. Dethatching is a procedure that will bring your lawn back to life.

What is Dethatching?

Dethatching is the elimination of the thatch layer. Thatch is the layer of stems, living and dead, which accumulates between the soil and the growing grass. A small layer is beneficial for your lawn and increase traffic. However, if it gets too thick it might have the opposite effect.

Dethatching allows air, fertilizer and water to reach the places (soil and grass roots) it wouldn’t reach with the thatch layer present.

How does someone dethatch the lawn? Dethatching can be done in two ways, with a power rake or with a manual-dethatching rake. Having both makes it more convenient since you can use the manual-dethatching rake for the smallest areas of the lawn. An electric dethatcher will definitely make the job easier if you have a larger lawn.

The blades on the rake dig deep enough to reach the thatch layer. After bringing the thatch to the surface, you have to clean it up.

Don’t let the thatch choke your grass. Start dethatching your lawn.

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