An untidy lawn can be an eyesore for your whole neighborhood. Overgrown weeds, uncut grass and spindly shrubs can make any yard look like a jungle.


The following are a few tips to get your lawn looking and staying beautiful.

  • Clear the weeds in your yard in order to prepare the soil for the new grass that will be planted.
  • According to West Virginia master gardener John Griggs, a step that most gardeners omit or forget about is checking the pH of the soil.  The pH of the soil can easily be tested with do-it-yourself test kits.
  • After the removal of the weeds and roots, till the soil about six inches deep to improve drainage.
  • Complement the soil by adding loam sand.
  • Pack down the soil with a roller, and grade with a metal rake.


When planting a new lawn, it’s important that the soil is enriched.  This will ultimately affect the way your lawn will look.

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