A sudden downpour in the Valley after months of dry weather is a welcomed event. At the same time, the people of the RGV are used to dealing with this issue. But what should you do about your commercial yard when an unexpected heavy downpour occurs? Has your lawn suffered flooding or damage? It’s normal to experience fear of how this can affect your business’ outward appearance. Let’s go over a few things when dealing with heavy rains.

Learn how TLC Total Lawn Care can bring a lawn to life and resuscitate it after Mother Nature strikes.

The Damage

After months of dry weather, rain can come down in an instant and with superior force. If this happens over a period of a few days, your yard can only hold out for so long. After about four days of rain, the built up water can deprive grass of light and oxygen. Essentially, the plants can ‘drown’ from all of the rainwater it sits in. It is important to remember that if this occurs, adjust your sprinkler system to avoid adding more water to an already suffocating lawn.

Cleaning Up

Once waters have drained or evaporated, it’s important to pick up any leftover debris on the lawn. This can include sediment buildup, which, if there’s enough of, can seriously harm your commercial lawn. A yard covered in excess dirt washed up from rising waters can cover up plants and grass, depriving it of sunlight. Waiting several days or even a week may be needed in order for a yard to dry.

Unwelcomed Guests

After so much rain, excess water on your lawn can come from many sources, including runoff from other yards and streets. This can carry roots and seeds for weeds and other unwanted plants. If you plan on supplying your yard with a chemical to remove unwanted plants, it can be tricky. Adding too much of an herbicide to get rid of weeds may damage your commercial lawn in the process, especially if temperatures are above 95 degrees.

Mosquito Haven

If temperatures rise and there’s still standing water on your lawn, the likelihood of mosquito infestations greatly rises. Mosquitos don’t need a lot of water to breed, so it’s important to get rid of any unnecessary items like pots or bowls that could be collecting rainwater. A clean, manicured lawn with trimmed bushes and no standing water will help keep mosquitos out.

What We’re Saying

TLC Total Lawn Care’s Roy De Leon has a well-defined practice to a commercial lawn’s upkeep. “Keep your yard mowed regularly. It keeps weeds and bugs away. Businesses can’t help when it rains so much, and the way their lawn looks is just as important to us as it is to them. That’s why every time we go to a job, whether it’s a brand new customer or a regular client we’ve been taking care of for years, we treat that lawn like it’s our own.”

Let Us Care for Your Lawn

When you need a landscaping company that will take care of your commercial lawn as if it was their own, contact us. Our services include maintenance, new installations and, of course, lawn care. Whether it’s restoring a commercial lawn after heavy rains or installing a yard for a band new business, TLC Total Lawn Care is the name you can count on. With almost 20 years of experience in the Rio Grande Valley, we are the go-to source for commercial lawn care services.