Dealing with Sudden Downpours and Protecting Your Commercial Lawn

A sudden downpour in the Valley after months of dry weather is a welcomed event. At the same time, the people of the RGV are used to dealing with this issue. But what should you do about your commercial yard when an unexpected heavy downpour occurs? Has your lawn suffered flooding or damage? It’s normal... read more

Why Water Restrictions Don’t Have to be a Problem for Your Commercial Lawn

What do you do when you’re trying to keep your commercial lawn flawless but there are many obstacles in the way? Corpus Christi has been under a water boil advisory lately and sprinkler irrigation is limited to before 10:00 AM and after 6:00 PM. Water treatment facilities are currently changing chemical treatments to get drinking... read more

Have Fire Ants Invaded Your Lawn?

There’s a thing in taking pride in how the exterior of your business looks. Keeping up its external appearance is about as important in attracting potential customers as the interior. One of the few things many small businesses run into may be what you’re dealing with right now: pests. Ants, termites, roaches and other annoying... read more

Conserving Water with Your Commercial Lawn

Have you recently thought to yourself that it’s time to give your business’s exterior a change? Does it look bland on the outside and show signs that it’s time for a much-needed makeover? Spring 2016 is here and if you’re planning on making changes to your commercial property, now is the time. Here are a... read more

Protecting Your Property from High Winds

It’s finally spring in the Rio Grande Valley, and that usually means an increase in high winds. Dealing with windy days can become a daily part of your routine. Holding down your caps while walking outside to prevent them from getting blown away or ladies securing their hair before the day begins are common sights.... read more

Palm Trees: The Key to a Tropical Look for Your Business

Trees possess an incredible amount of benefits, from filtering our air to cooling structures, helping them conserve energy. However, they can also be cornerstone features to a commercial property’s landscape. Various species have different benefits, and it only makes sense to research and decide which would be perfect for your business. Now, your business could... read more

When Should I Call TLC Total Lawn Care to Help with My Commercial Landscaping Needs?

You might be wondering, “When is a good time to call TLC Total Lawn Care?” Are you starting a new business? Did you recently remodel a current business and now want the exterior to look as attractive as the interior? A professionally maintained lawn has the ability to make the biggest difference by helping your... read more

Working with Water Restrictions for Your Commercial Lawn

It can be frustrating. The rest of the country is getting more than enough rain, yet, the weather in the Rio Grande Valley is feeling like a barren desert. Your city enforces a water restriction order and you’re not sure if your commercial property will be able to survive. It’s a problem that’s all too... read more

How to Go About Designing an Irrigation System

The main objective of an irrigation system is to supply adequate water in a timely manner. This should be taken into consideration and can be the difference between an average lawn and an amazing lawn. Uneven coloring in your turf grass and lifeless flowers can be fixed by properly watering your lawn. TLC Total Lawn... read more

It’s Almost Time for Spring Cleaning

Slowly but surely, the warm temperatures we’re accustomed to will start making their way back into our area. This means it’s the perfect time to give your commercial lawn the spring cleaning it deserves! The winter cold can often leave your lawn, trees, plants and shrubs looking a little on the sad side and in... read more