Conserving Water with Your Commercial Lawn

Have you recently thought to yourself that it’s time to give your business’s exterior a change? Does it look bland on the outside and show signs that it’s time for a much-needed makeover? Spring 2016 is here and if you’re planning on making changes to your commercial property, now is the time. Here are a few tips on how to conserve water with different designs for your lawn.

If you’re looking to redesign your property but haven’t quite figured out what you need, give TLC Total Lawn Care a call. We can give your commercial property a new layout that can really make your businesses stand out on the block.  


Maintaining a healthy and elegant commercial lawn that keeps your monthly water bill low can be tough. Fortunately, there’s a landscaping practice available called hardscaping. Hardscaping refers to modeling your lawn with rocks, furniture and fountains along with plenty of grass and plants.

Replacing grass with creek beds of stones and pebbles can offer a southwest design that requires less maintenance and water. Larger stones or boulders have the ability to create borders and contrast well within your property, too. Different stone sizes and textures also have the ability to add layers and variety to your business’s front exterior.

Minimal Water

The idea of a commercial property that requires minimal water but can hold onto its beauty and appeal must be something the business owner is willing to adopt. Designing your yard to possess a waterfall can have a money-saving effect as it doesn’t have the maintenance requirements of a pond.

Designing the property to contain a hidden water pump or bubbler can keep water usage at a minimal level, yet it must also have the sights and sounds of running water. It’s also important to remember that your waterfall will also become the focal point of the front or rear of your property. These features will also come in handy if draining water is an issue. Less water will also mean fewer insects like mosquitos.

No Thirsty Plants

Another way of being sustainable and using less water is having a lower amount of plants on your property. Decorating your yard with cacti can make your lawn looking like a southwestern delight. Different heights and species of cacti will also add layers of eye-appealing features.

Many native plants to the Rio Grande Valley can also create a welcoming atmosphere. The primrose does not require much water, it blooms in the spring and is a beautiful touch to any garden or yard. This plant can do well with either full sunlight exposure or partly shaded areas.

Let’s Get Started

TLC Total Lawn Care has the capabilities to design and maintain a commercial property that requires little water while remaining sustainable. Our company started in Weslaco and has worked in the Rio Grande Valley for almost 20 years. We understand the local climate, what works and how to keep your yard looking beautiful, all while creating a layout that can require less water. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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