How to Go About Designing an Irrigation System

The main objective of an irrigation system is to supply adequate water in a timely manner. This should be taken into consideration and can be the difference between an average lawn and an amazing lawn. Uneven coloring in your turf grass and lifeless flowers can be fixed by properly watering your lawn.

TLC Total Lawn Care is all too familiar with what happens when commercial lawns are neglected. With the help of our professional landscapers, yours will look amazing year-round.
Caring for a lawn takes a lot of responsibility. You have enough on your plate with running your business. Let us take care of your commercial lawn necessities.

Mapping it Out

Many irrigation problems can be traced back to inaccurate calculations. Rounding up to the nearest foot will give wiggle room if needed. Keep in mind that sprinklers are best kept in ‘head-to-head coverage’, meaning water from one sprinkler overlaps 100% to the next.

Mapping out lawn measurements on paper can help catch any mistakes while planning. Draw sprinklers in the corners and follow that with more around the perimeter. Be sure not to space them too far apart. Then, finish the drawing by adding sprinklers in the interior.

Your Water Source and Equipment

Irrigation zones should also be based on an available water supply. Determining the source PSI, or pounds per square inch, will be important because it powers the energy needed for the system. Mapping out a system and determining how much water you’ll need will let you know which equipment is necessary. Remember, bigger and longer pipes will decrease PSI.

We Want to Help

Designing your own irrigation system takes a lot of work and experience. Don’t worry about the hard work that goes into making your commercial lawn look beautiful. For the proper system, call TLC Total Lawn Care L.L.C. today. We treat and maintain lawns throughout the Rio Grande Valley and with 15 years experience, these projects are the norm for us. For a free quote or information about our services, call (800) 796-8087.

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