It’s Almost Time for Spring Cleaning

Slowly but surely, the warm temperatures we’re accustomed to will start making their way back into our area. This means it’s the perfect time to give your commercial lawn the spring cleaning it deserves!

The winter cold can often leave your lawn, trees, plants and shrubs looking a little on the sad side and in need of some sprucing up. With the RGV experts at Total Law Care by your side, we’ll have your property looking great just in time for those beautiful spring days!

Welcome spring with a lush and beautiful commercial lawn! Contact the experts at TLC for more information today.

Prune Away

The cold temperatures of fall and winter can often damage your tree and shrub branches, leaving them in need of some trimming and pruning. At TLC, we follow the right steps to ensure your trees and shrubs keep growing at their best:

  • We’ll make sure to trim your shrubs in a way that will prevent the growth of that outer layer that often keeps sunlight and air from reaching the shrub’s center
  • We’ll prune your flowers at just the right time, to ensure they keep flowering for years to come
  • We’ll trim your trees and leave the branches you’d like to remain growing

Fixing Damaged Grass

Spring is the perfect time to test your soil’s pH so it can be strengthened by the best amendments. Our team can evaluate your turf, remove any damaged areas and prepare the soil for the seeding that follows in the next few weeks. We will additionally ensure your lawn is brought back to the lush and healthy greenness you love by giving it excellent fertilizer treatment.

No More Leaves

Leaves from fall and winter can often smother your grass and plants if they’re not properly removed. At TLC, we’ll work diligently to remove the leaves your trees may have dropped during the cold season. After doing so, we will be able to evaluate any damage to plants or grass that may have been hidden away by the leaves. If we find anything that must be fixed, you can rest assured we’ll take care of it.

Make Your Lawn Beautiful

Spring is the time for new beauty, so why not let your law do exactly that? Whether your grass is covered by a thick layer of leaves or your trees are in need of some heavy trimming, know that Total Lawn Care of the RGV is here to help. Don’t know how to get your commercial lawn looking beautiful? Contact us for more information today.

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