Reviving Brown Grass After Winter

A summer drought can suck the life out of any commercial lawn. On the other hand, a harsh winter can also do quite a bit of damage. One thing to remember is that a brown lawn doesn’t mean it’s dead. There’s still hope! Here’s a helpful run-down on how to revive a dying commercial lawn.

Give life to your commercial lawn with this easy to follow guide. For all other commercial lawn care service questions, contact our professionals today!

How Bad is It?

Start by determining how severe the damage is. You’ll want to figure out whether your grass is dead or dormant. Dormancy is a natural, built-in protection against very hot or cold temperatures and warm-season grasses naturally go dormant in cold weather. Warm weather grasses remain alive and, when warmer weather rolls in, water may revive it.

Your grass will most likely return to its natural and most vibrant state in the fall. One of the best ways to detect if grass is dead in the summer is to keep watering and wait for a reaction. In the winter, when grass is dormant because of the cold, determining if it’s dead can be a bit trickier.

Weed it Out

If you have weeds or signs of them in your lawn, spray an herbicide to kill the seeds before they bloom. You’ll want to do this early in the spring before watering begins and before you apply fertilizer, which can encourage weed growth.

Dry Patches

Dry patches of grass can be an annoying sight to behold, but it’s a problem that can be easily fixed. One approach is to buy and plant seeds, then water and wait for them to grow. The second option, if you’re in a hurry to cover those patches, is to buy sod (pre-grown grass) and cover the patches.

Keeping it Green

Keeping a lawn green and healthy takes hard work. For business owners looking to keep theirs looking beautiful year-round, an extra set of arms and talent will be needed. This is where TLC Total Lawn Care comes in. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can keep your commercial lawn looking beautiful no matter the season.

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