Springing Forward to a Lush Lawn

Generally, business owners don’t think of winter as a time to keep up with the maintenance of their commercial lawn. However, now is the best time to get ahead for a beautiful, blooming commercial lawn for spring. Here is some information on various types of warm grasses for the upcoming months.

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Bahiagrass got its start as a pasture grass on infertile sandy soils, which made its root system able to withstand droughts. Besides being heat and drought tolerant, another cool fact about Bahiagrass is its ability to form its own wear-resistant sod, making it relatively pest-free.


Most commonly found in warm climates, Bermudagrass grows well with various types of soils, even salty variations. Bermudagrass absorbs sunlight, heat and survives in dry conditions well because of its deep-rooted system, which forms its own strong erosion-resistant sod.

Hybrid Bermudagrass

When growing hybrid Bermudagrass, you may want to prevent invasive growth by performing regular edging. When left untended, thatch (loose, intermingled organic layers of dead and living shoots, stems and roots that develop between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface) forms and more intensive measures will have to be taken to kill it off.

Centipedegrass and Zoysiagrass

One of the best perks about planting Centipedegrass is that its slow rate of growth requires less mowing. Although it does take about two years on average to establish a fully grown Zoysiagrass lawn, the benefit is that it is fairly weed resistant and worth the wait.

We Can Help with Your Decision

Deciding which type of grass is best for your commercial lawn will take time and maybe even some professional advice. In that case, TLC Total Lawn Care is available to answer any questions regarding lawn service and maintenance. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

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