What to Know About Having a Healthy Commercial Lawn Year-Round

Winter comes a little later in South Texas, but don’t be fooled by our usual warm climate predictability. When winter does hit, it can get tough. While it may not snow, our fragile lawns may suffer from the harshness of the cold. This leaves us wondering about the aftermath. Here’s what to consider for your commercial lawn in 2016.

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Say Goodbye to Weeds

In order to keep your lawn pristine, start by killing any weeds. Weeds spend the fall season absorbing oxygen and energy from the sun. In spring, they’ll be ready to grow. This means you’ll need to use a liquid weed killer specific to lawns. Even if weeds are sparse or tucked into corners and crevices in between the lawn and pavement, get them out. Yanking them out will do no good since they’ll most likely grow back, so use some weed killer.

Don’t Hate, Aerate

Next, aerate your lawn. Don’t have an aerator? Call us up to help you. If you own a commercial lawn, then plan accordingly. Aerating will jumpstart growth when the cold weather subsides and warm weather returns.

The benefits of air exchange between the soil and atmosphere include:

  • Enhanced water uptake
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Reduced water runoff and puddle formation
  • Stronger turf grass roots
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown

Falling Leaves

While we may not have the lush orange and red falling leaves you see upstate or in movies, our trees and shrubs still shed. Lawns need to breathe and by leaving your non-raked leaves on the ground, your grass could be suffering from a lack of oxygen. A thick layer of fallen leaves can damage the growth of cool grasses since they deprive them of sunlight and oxygen.

Maintenance for Life

The secret to a great lawn is all in the maintenance. It’s crucial to keep a green and lush commercial lawn year-round, no matter the weather. For major projects, lawn care maintenance or new installments, make sure to visit our friendly commercial lawn care specialists in McAllen.

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