Rolling, Trimming and Sprinkling for a Healthy Lawn

Gardening season is almost here! In just a few short months, those of us with green thumbs will be like kids in a candy store imagining how many plants, flowers, new grass seeds and shrubs we can plant for the upcoming season! Before we start to grow wild with ideas, it’s important to know that the smart gardener is the prepared gardener. Let’s explore a few ways to prep your lawn and garden for the endless possibilities yet to come.

Keep your lawn healthy all year with these simple tips for the busy homeowner. For all other lawn care questions, contact our friendly lawn care professionals at Total Lawn Care.

Keep Rollin’

If you have a large lot with plenty of grass and landscaping, you’ll find that over time, grass begins to bubble up in places and sometimes appear bumpy. The perfect time to “roll” your lawn is right at the end of winter when cold, harsh temperatures are beginning to subside since the ground is starting to become soft again.

Rolling is firming the surface of your lawn, specifically the top two inches of soil. A light roller, half-filled water roller or a regular mower roller can be used to firm the top of the lawn after seeding. Rolling your lawn will make a huge difference when taking extra care of your spring grass. Here’s a tip: the best time to roll your lawn is right after some heavy rain as the soil will be soft.

Don’t Go Crazy

We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, whether you like to have your grass cut short or have it just a little shaggy is totally up to you. What we’ll tell you is that the length of your lawn isn’t just a matter of personal preference since length affects health.

The ideal length of your grass should be about 1/3 shorter than its original length. Here’s the equation for you: if your grass is 5 inches long, you’ll want to cut 2 inches off and wait about a week before cutting it again.

Extra Sprinkle for Extra Twinkle

Let your inner fairy out and sprinkle topsoil generously over any areas that appear compact or dip down. These areas collect more water, which can kill grass and also make it difficult for newly planted grass seeds to grow. Getting your lawn smooth takes time and patience. To achieve this, keep a watchful eye over any divots, holes, bubbling or breaking in your turf. Having a smooth lawn not only looks great, it also makes it easier to cut and is important for its health.

A Healthier Mow

The next few months will offer many opportunities for lawn improvement. As the weather changes, so will your lawn’s appearance. It’s important to stay up-to-date with fertilizing, cutting, trimming, rolling and other ways that help your yard’s vibrancy. For any questions and concerns about your lawn, gardening or landscaping, contact us today in McAllen!

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