Tips on Caring for Rose Gardens in the Fall

Save some time to stop and smell the roses this fall and add an extra bit of TLC to your romantic garden. As any seasoned gardener can tell you, extending your rose garden’s lifespan is all about maintenance. These romantic gestures come with a cost due to the amount of knowledge and maintenance required to keep them healthy for pruning. We’d like to share a few simple tips on how to get your roses prepped for the upcoming chill.

Caring for a rose garden can be a challenge, but know that we’re here to ease the process for your commercial lawn.

What You Might be Doing Wrong

A common misconception amongst many commercial gardeners is the belief that hybrid roses need to be grown under shaded areas to mimic the cold environment they are going to experience. However, roses need 100% direct sunlight. Keeping the balance of sunlight with protection from harsh temperatures is the tricky part. Attempt to minimize how much stress your shrubs or vines might suffer from the shock of heat or the dramatic cold temperature change known as “fall hardening.”

When to Start

Begin as early as October by spraying your garden to prevent insect infestation. This is the time of year when insects are migrating to warmer areas. Try using natural solutions like baby powder or coffee grinds to treat your garden instead of harsh pesticides. Next, allow any remaining petals or leaves to fall off naturally.

November should be the time when you begin removing dead leaves and weeds from your rosebush. Always start from the bottom and work your way up, as this will prevent the growth of weeds.

Surviving the Cold

South Texas winters tend to come a little later on and freezing might occur at the end of December and throughout January. Before the ground surface even begins to freeze, clean old leaves, petals and other debris out of your rose beds. Next, tie the canes that hold up your rose garden vines and shrubs together to reduce wind damage.

Rose Wrap-up!
If you’d like to learn more about maintaining a beautiful and lush rose garden for your commercial lawn throughout the year, call 800.796.8087 or schedule a meeting with us to talk more about our garden and lawn care services.

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