Feathered Friends Add Value to Property

We’ve covered how the right commercial landscape makes a great impression on the neighborhood and potential customers, but how does it look to our feathered friends? Yes, an underrated aspect of commercial landscaping is designing a space that appeals to local wildlife, namely birds.

The right design can bring a wide spectrum of avian visitors who can provide many benefits to your property. A proper bird population can make your location a unique destination in the neighborhood by drawing patrons from across town. So, how do you design for birds in mind?

Feathered friends make for unique and attractive properties. Let us help make a good home.

The Basics

Attracting birds is more than just hanging a birdfeeder and hoping for the best. As with any animal, consider what their needs are. Among these needs are food, water and shelter. Along with providing multiple sources of food for prospective visitors, create a design that provides water (such as birdbaths, fountains or streams) and proper shelter like brush and hollowed out trees.

Bird species are not all alike and make their homes in a variety of ways. Shrubs, tall grass and trees cover most birds’ needs for homes and shelter from predators and the elements. Always aim for native species of plants while designing. The familiarity helps promote good environments.

Dinner Time

While seeds in feeders will attract many common birds, to attract more unique visitors, provide different sources of foods. Nectar-producing plants and liquid feeders work best for attracting species of hummingbirds that rely on high-energy substances to fuel their metabolism.

Another trick is planting things that grow various forms of berries. Cardinals, thrashers, robins and woodpeckers all enjoy berries and make their homes where they can be found.

What’s in it for Me?

Aside from brightening everybody’s day with their presence and songs, a healthy population increases the overall wildlife population, provides natural beauty to your property and serves as an effective natural form of pest control.

No matter how you want to design your perfect commercial landscape, a habitat that attracts both people and feathered friends is a benefit to the community. If you’d like to make your property a landmark in the community, we can help make it happen. To learn more and for a free quote, contact us online or give us a call at 800.796.8087.

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  1. I had not thought of landscaping commercial property for birds but it makes perfect sense! (especially if it a property where I’m having to wait on car maintanence, for an appointment etc. Sure would make the waiting more enjoyable – I’m enjoying your blog articles!

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