Tending to Trends: Recent Landscaping Styles

Commercial landscaping is an ever-changing topic. Trends come and go just like anything else and keeping up with them can help benefit your business. Everyone wants their property to stand out in order to draw eyes and bring in customers. Keeping up with trends can make the difference.

Make a statement with your landscape and draw in more business with our help.

So, what’s working for businesses right now? It’s a combination of things ranging from drought-resistant landscapes to interesting architecture. Here are just a few:

Go Mediterranean

This trend has emerged out of the demand for more drought-resistant landscapes over the years. Plants like lavender, rosemary, Mexican sage and juniper are all native to more arid climates, making them perfect for water conservation. Not only does the landscape save on water and general upkeep, it also gives your property a unique look that stands out in the neighborhood.

Think Vertically

Green roofs and vertical landscaping have also taken off in recent years in more urban areas. The advantages to green roofs and vertical planning are that they make the most out of the more limited space you have in an urban environment. Things like ivy on the side of your building or a beautiful rooftop garden would instantly make your business a landmark in the neighborhood while providing several environmental benefits like carbon absorption and cooling temperatures.

Hit Hard

In another effort to make the most out of little space, high impact landscaping uses smaller plants like Japanese ferns and dwarf butterfly bushes with splashes of color to make a small space pop. When you have little space to work with, why not do what you can to make it stand out?

Let’s Get Started

Whatever statement you want to make with your landscape, Total Lawn Care LLC is ready to bring your dream to life. We believe your landscape says a lot about your image and we want to give you the best image possible. From design to maintenance, we’re here to help. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, or to get a free quote, contact us online or call us at 800.796.8087.


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