Partnering with TLC

In America, we are blessed with variety. When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, we know you have options to get the work you need done. There are many landscaping companies that have people and equipment to do the job, so what makes TLC Total Lawn Care LLC different?

We believe that whether it’s landscape installation, irrigation repair or otherwise, when you call on TLC, you’re getting more than a landscaping company to do the job. You’re entering a partnership that aims to perfect your image.

Contact TLC Total Lawn Care for all of your lawn care needs.

What to Expect from Us

You deserve the best. That’s why you continually search to associate with people and businesses at the top of their game. At TLC Total Lawn Care LLC, we strive to stay on top of ours in a variety of ways.

Impeccable Design

Before you can have a great landscape, you need a great design. With us, there is no need to hire an outside designer. At TLC, we have accredited landscape designers on staff. Our team has worked on countless residential and commercial properties to make them stand out amongst the crowd. We can work with what you have or start something completely new to make your dreamscape come to life.

Full Attention, Full Service

TLC was born and raised in South Texas. We know and love the area because this is home. We also make sure to extend Texas-sized southern hospitality to you. When you call on TLC, you’ll receive quality service, all the time in every area of work. TLC handles everything from design to installation and maintenance. It’s all under our roof.

Experience the Difference with TLC Total Lawn Care

TLC Total Lawn Care has the right amount of experience to have your lawn stand out while also representing the image you want to show the world. Our goal is to treat our customers as great as we treat lawns, with delicacy and dedication.

We like to think of our customers as partners in a joint effort to make Texas, from San Antonio to Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley, as beautiful as it can be. Together, we can make our home more beautiful than ever. If you’re in need of our lawn care services, contact TLC Total Lawn Care LLC. online or call 800.796.8087 today.


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