How Landscaping Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Whether you go to the gym to improve your physique or detail your car for that pristine shine, the pursuit to better ourselves and our surroundings is something very important. The same should be said for improving the health and look of your residential or commercial lawn. Not only can a little planning, work and creativity add to the beautification of your lawn, it can also tremendously increase the value to the property. Here are three specific ways that extra care from TLC can make the difference.

Protect Your Image Today With Total Lawn Care


If innovations like the iPhone are any indication, it is that a beautiful, elegant and useful design is hard to come by. According to intense research by horticulturist Alex Niemiera, the number one factor that homebuyers look for in terms of a property’s exterior is how practical and stylish a landscape’s design is.

Thought and attention to the functionality of a lawn area, combined with color, foliage and livable space, can really turn heads and impress. With the experience, certification and knowledge that expert architects and landscapers can provide, design has proven to be the most important step in the landscaping process.


Plants and trees literally give life to the Earth and us. They can also give your property that ‘pop’ to make it stand out amongst others. Coupled with the planning and time to grow and mature into sprouting plants and shrubs, greenery can add diversity to any property. It also signifies to potential homeowners the effort and care that can add value in the long run.


A beautifully landscaped property is nothing without the perseverance to keep it looking beautiful and vibrant as the day it was designed. Proper upkeep to keep your lawn and property at the highest value can maintain its attractiveness in the long run. As your landscape matures, so will the fixtures, plants and trees that make it worth more and more as time goes on.

The Lawn Care You Need

These tips not only apply to residential properties, but commercial land as well. Applying attractive designs, luscious vegetation and maintaining your building’s surroundings not only improve your image. They also add value in the eyes of clients and employees alike.

For the best in commercial and residential landscape design, maintenance and general lawncare in the Rio Grande Valley, Austin, San Antonio and Laredo, TLC Total Lawn Care, LLC is your one stop for it all. Our experienced lawncare professionals can improve your home or business’ curb appeal with a variety of services. For a free quote and more information, call 800.796.8087 or visit us online today.


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