Find Your Flow: A Guide to Watering Your Lawn Responsibly

Water is the lifeblood of the world. Just as we need water for our bodies to survive, so does a large portion of the earth to grow, upkeep and operate. Obviously, water is extremely important when it comes to the health of your lawn. Yet, without a guide, it can be difficult to understand the optimal ways to treat your lawn with the support of water. To help get your lawn in tip-top shape, TLC has put together some tips to get you started.

Don’t Water Everyday

Watering your lawn is all about balance. You can’t water your lawn too much, or else you run the risk of creating shallow roots that get intensely thirsty. You also can’t water too little or else your lawn could look sickly and brown. The best bet is to complement nature’s rainfall with some watering of your own.

It is best recommended to water deeply and infrequently. In the summer, that could mean a little more watering than spring. A good way to gauge this is to walk across your lawn barefoot. If your grass doesn’t bounce right back up, it may need more water. Remember, balance with the rain!

Water at the Right Time

Some things are all about timing. Believe it or not, there are optimal times for you to water your lawn. The worst time to water is midday when the sun can soak up and the wind can blow away droplets from you grass. Nighttime isn’t the best either, as this may aid in the disease process. Instead, go for early mornings before the sun hits its highest peak and evaporation can do its thing.

Water Right

Watering everyday at the right time is no use if you accurately gauge how much water your lawn is actually getting. You can make sure you’re watering right by watering deep. That means making sure water goes deep into the soil and straight to the root. Depending on your climate and area, that could mean 1-2 inches a week.

Try the tuna can test to help estimate. Place empty tuna cans along the quadrants of your lawn and check to see how much water you’re accumulating and adjust accordingly.

For More Help, Total Lawn Care is Here

It is amazing what a little tender, love and care can do. Yet, as always, if you’re in need of an expert eye, the other TLC is always here. For the professional touch in commercial landscaping and more, contact TLC Total Lawn Care LLC today. We have over 15 years of experience in protecting the image of our customers from the Rio Grande Valley all the way to Austin. Get a free quote or call 800-796-8087 for more information.



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